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“Turkish Family Find ‘KKK’ Etched Onto Car In North London”

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The Enfield Independent reports on an alleged racist incident in north London where a Turkish family were confronted by a “mob” chanting “Ku Klux Klan” outside their home on Sunday night before waking up on Monday morning, 23 January, to find the letters ‘KKK’ etched onto the windscreen of their car.

The news site reports on a tweet posted by Haringey councillor, Peray Ahmet, who tweeted a picture of the graffiti on the family’s car with the message: “This is what a friend of mine woke up to. Last night a mob with covered faces were chanting KKK outside house. This happened in Enfield.”

The Metropolitan Police confirmed the matter had been reported stating: “On Monday 23/01/2017 police received a report of alleged racially motivated graffiti written in frost on the side a car. 

“Enquiries into the incident were carried out. 

“Any further evidence that comes to light or any further incidents will be investigated.”


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