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“Man Sentenced For Calling Asian Shopkeeper A ‘P*K* B*TCH’”

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The Evening Times reports on the sentencing of a man who abused and assaulted a female shop assistant, calling her a “P*** b***h,” after claiming he had been shortchanged.

Alan Luke, 39, appeared before Glasgow Sheriff Court on three separate charges one of them related to a racially aggravated offence committed on August 21, 2015.

The court heard Mr Luke had gone into the Din and Co shop on Westercommon Drive to buy a bottle of cider. He became abusive toward a female shop assistant, and her brother, after accusing them of shortchanging him of 21p. 

The shop assistant insisted she had returned his change and offered to show him CCTV to prove it but Luke verbally abused her saying, “I am a big man, you don’t know who I am you P*** b****”. 

The local paper reports Luke asked the sibling workers for a “square go”, and “shouted a tirade of racial abuse in their direction.”

Luke acknowledged he had “punched the woman on the body, scratched her arm and spat at her” during the incident. He also accepted having spat at her brother. The shop workers had to activate a panic alarm to attract help.

Luke pleaded guilty to acting in a racially aggravated manner.

In a separate matter, Luke also pleaded guilty to being in possession of 949 grams of cannabis worth a street value of £4,000 on May 4, 2015 and to failing to appear in court on October 19, last year. 

Sheriff Kelly jailed Luke for 12 months.



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