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“Bus Station security Guard Racially Abused Because Passenger Wasn’t Given A Seat”

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The Huddersfield Examiner reports on a fine imposed on a man who racially abused a security officer at Huddersfield Bus Station because a fellow commuter would not move her bags and allow him to sit down.

John Arnold, 61, appeared at Kirklees Magistrates’ Court where he pleaded guilty to racially-aggravated disorderly conduct in connection with the incident which happened on 3 September 2016.

The court heard Arnold was overheard shouting and swearing at a waiting passenger at the bus station after he was refused a seat because the passenger had shopping bags on it.

A fellow passenger who witnessed Arnold’s quarrel alerted the station security staff but when Robina Hussain, a security guard, came over to speak to him, he verbally abused her.

Ms Hussain attempted to remove him from the premises but Arnold stood over her and shouted the word “n****r” at her.

The court heard Mr Arnold was so emphatic in speech that “his spittal was sprayed over” Ms Hussain.

Ms Hussain reported being “distressed” by his behaviour which she found “upsetting and intimidating”. 

Two other security guards at the station later came to Ms Hussain’s assistance and removed Mr Arnold from the bus station.

Mr Arnold told police he had been in “a bad mood and lost his temper”.

His solicitor told the court Mr Arnold was “vulnerable” on account of an undiagnosed learning difficulty and that his “frustration and anger” resulted in him “losing it”. 

The court was told Mr Arnold regretted his behaviour and was “ashamed of his conduct.”

Magistrates were told that the frustration Arnold feels resulted in his first conviction in January 2014 for a similar matter, though that incident was not racially-aggravated.

Mr Arnold was ordered to pay £50 in compensation to Ms Hussain. He was also fined £60 and made to pay £40 towards prosecution costs.

Source: MEND


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