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Final Refutation To Notorious Deceptive Missionary “The Byzantine Christians: Antagonists or Antagonized? Addendum” [Part 4]

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Final Refutation To Notorious Deceptive Missionary “The Byzantine Christians: Antagonists or Antagonized? Addendum” [Part 4]

In Shamoun’s final piece on the Byzantine’s he claims that Muhammed and his companions were murderers and bandits who amassed wealth, all of this is nothing but lies to tarnish the impeccable character of Muhammed. He starts of by using the following verse:

“Did He not find you as an orphan and give you shelter? Did He not find you wandering about and give you guidance? And did He not find you in need AND MAKE YOU RICH?” S. 93:6-8

He then connects the above Quranic verse with a Hadith and then claiming, Ha, you see Muhammed became rich through capturing booty through warfare.

He deliberately doesn’t tell the readers that Q. 93:6:8 was revealed in Makkah. Hence, Allah making him rich, was due to the hard work Muhammed was doing physically i.e., labour work. This verse had nothing to do with war booty, since the verse was revealed in in early period of Makkah.

He then quotes few verses from chapter 8,

They ask thee (O Muhammad) of the spoils of war. Say: The spoils of war belong to Allah and the messenger, so keep your duty to Allah, and adjust the matter of your difference, and obey Allah and His messenger, if ye are (true) believers. S. 8:1
And know that whatever ye take as spoils of war, lo! a fifth thereof is for Allah, and for the messenger and for the kinsman (who hath need) and orphans and the needy and the wayfarer, if ye believe in Allah and that which We revealed unto Our slave on the Day of Discrimination, the day when the two armies met. And Allah is Able to do all things. S. 8:41 Pickthall

No doubt that Muhammed took booty from their enemies. A simple answer would be, if an enemy in war had come to kill you, and you captured him with the weapons they had, would you give the horses, swords, arrows back so that they may use it again? Of-course not. The war booty was also taken as a result to pay back the loss on the Muslim side.

Q.8:1 and 8:41 was revealed in connection with the battle of Badr, please see the following articles for full details on this incident:https://discover-the-truth.com/2016/04/29/cast-terror-into-the-hearts-of-the-disbelievers-quran-81-to-812/

and herehttps://discover-the-truth.com/2016/04/09/quran-838-48-battle-of-badr/

He also quotes Surah 59:6-7, this verse had no connection with Badr incident. The Banu Nadir incident happened as a result of this tribe commiting treachery, breaking a treaty and attempted to murder Muhammed. Prophet Muhammed urged them to make a peace treaty and stop their hostilities, they defied this and continued with their hostilities, hence they were expelled for the safety of the community. See the following article:https://discover-the-truth.com/2016/05/13/banu-nadirs-treachery-quran-592-14/

And then he misrepresent a Hadith on expelling Jews. The Hadith was understood historically to mean that if the people of Khaybar were to break the treaty again, then they would expelled. Hence, at the time of Umar Ibn Khattab, this tribe attacked, and murdered Muslims, hence the guilty were expelled and no longer were able to live there any more. Please see the following articles on a more full detail:https://discover-the-truth.com/2016/01/10/did-jews-get-expelled-from-arabia/

and also see a non-Muslim scholar’s examination for the said Hadith here:https://discover-the-truth.com/2016/07/06/holy-ground-jews-and-christians-expelled-from-arabia/

Shamoun then states:

“Muhammad became so wealthy that he ended up owning 12 houses, a house for each one of his wives and concubines to live in!”

The way he makes it out it is as if Prophet Muhammed had houses similar to Kensington in London worth millions of pounds. The reality is, the houses he had for his wives were merely tents, or some were made from mud.
The deceptive writer then quotes Waqidi. Waqidi has been heavily criticised by earliest of scholars. Only some of his work was accepted IF it agreed with other AUTHENTIC sources. If they didn’t, then they were rejected. As such here, I wont go much more detail but I want to go in a bit of detail on chapter 4, verse 24.

Shamoun states:

As if it couldn’t get any more morally reprehensible, Muhammad’s deity further permitted the Muslims to commit adultery with married women that had been taken captive!
According to the ahadith the following verse,
Also (prohibited are) women already married, except those whom your right hands possess: Thus hath God ordained (Prohibitions) against you: Except for these, all others are lawful, provided ye seek (them in marriage) with gifts from your property, – desiring chastity, not lust, seeing that ye derive benefit from them, give them their dowers (at least) as prescribed; but if, after a dower is prescribed, agree Mutually (to vary it), there is no blame on you, and God is All-knowing, All-wise. S. 4:24 Y. Ali

The above verse was revealed in regards to the Awtas incident. Brief history: The battle of Hunayn took place as a result of the league tribes who formed alliances to attack the Muslim community. The tribes of Hawazin and Thaqif were using Awtas area for the purposes of attacks against the Muslim community. For example, the Awtas area was used as a place for military purposes.

Ibn Sa’d (784 – 845 AD) reports to us that these tribes agreed to attack the Muslims:

… They (narrators) said: When the Apostle of Allah conquered Makkah, the notables of the Hawazin and the Thaqif moved from one side to the other. They assembled and rose in rebellion. Malik Ibn Awf al-Nasri had brought them together and he was then thirty years old. He ordered them and they brought with them their wealth, their WOMEN FOLK and their children. They MOBILIZED AT AWTAS AND THE SUPPORTERS WERE COMING TO THEM. THEY AGREED ON MARCHING AGAINST THE APOSTLE OF ALLAH.” (Ibn Sa’d’s Kitab al-Tabaqat al-Kabir, [Translated by S. Moinul Haq (New Delhi: Kitab Bhavan, 2009)] volume 2, page 185)

The women came along with the men in attacking the Muslims. Hence, when the men all fled, the women came into the hands of the Muslims. Now, here is the lie Shamoun starts:

“Abu Said al-Khudri said: The apostle of Allah sent a military expedition to Awtas on the occasion of the battle of Hunain. They met their enemy and fought with them. They defeated them and took them captives. Some of the Companions of the Apostle of Allah were reluctant to have intercourse with the female captives in the presence of their husbands who were unbelievers. So Allah, the Exalted, sent down the Quranic verse, ‘And all married women (are forbidden) unto you save those (captives) whom your right hands possess’. That is to say, they are lawful for them when they complete their waiting period. Grade: SAHIH (Al-Albani) (Sunan Abu Dawud, Volume 2, Number 2150)

He claims that Muhammed’s companions had sexual intercourse with women in front of their husbands. This claim is a boldfaced lie. For history is witness that no sexual intercourse too place with any of these women. In fact they were ALL RELEASED and hand back to their families when their members came to release them.

Ibn Sa’d (784 – 845 AD) states that ALL the women were released even though they were guilty in participating in the war:

“There were six thousand slaves, twenty-four thousand camels, more than forty thousand goats, and four thousand uqiyahs of silver. The Apostle of Allah, DELAYED (THE DISTRIBUTION) OF SLAVES LEST A DEPUTATION MIGHT WAIT UPON HIM (TO OBTAIN THEIR FREEDOM). … A deputation of Hawazin waited in on the Prophet. They were fourteen persons and their head was Zubayr Ibn Surad. Among them was Abu Burqan, the foster uncle of the Apostle of Allah. They begged him to be generous with them regarding the captives. He (Prophet) asked them: Whether your children and women are dearer to you or your wealth? They said: We do not consider any thing equal to our women and children. Thereupon he (Prophet) said: Whatever belongs to me and to the family of Abd al-Muttalib is yours, and I shall ask the people (about their shares). The Muhajirs and Ansar said: What is ours, is at the disposal of the Apostle of Allah. … The Apostle of Allah said, These people have come as Muslims, and this was why I delayed the distribution of the captives. I offered them a choice, and they did not consider anything equal to their women and children. So he who possesses any slave SHOULD RETURN HIM cheerfully. And he who is not willing (to return), should ALSO RETURN and it will be a debt on us to be repaid from those six thousand shares of spoils… They (Muslims) said: WE AGREE TO IT AND SURRDENER. THEN THEY RETURNED CAPTURED (WOMEN), none backing out except Uyaynah Ibn Hisn who denied to return the old women who had fallen to his share. SUBSEQUENTLY HE ALSO RETURNED HER. (Ibn Sa’d’s Kitab al-Tabaqat al-Kabir, [Translated by S. Moinul Haq (New Delhi: Kitab Bhavan, 2009)] volume 2, page 188 – 19)

So in short even though these women were guilty in fighting, they were all released and NO sexual relations occurred given that they were sent back to their families when the delegations came. Please see the following two articles in Quran 4:24 and Awtas incident for full detail to get a better understanding of the said incident:https://discover-the-truth.com/2016/06/23/what-happened-to-the-captive-women-in-awtas-incident/

And here:https://discover-the-truth.com/2016/08/19/a-closer-look-at-awtas-incident-in-relation-to-quran-424/
He then quotes Umm Qirfa incident by saying:

These next reports give us an idea of just how cruel and inhumane Muhammad and his followers truly were towards those who refused to believe in the lie of Islam:
Salama b. al-Akwa’ set out seeking a man of theirs kill. He was thorough in his search, and he captured a girl, the daughter of Malik b. Hudhayfa b. Badr, whom he found in one of their houses–her mother was Umm Qirfa. Umm Qirfa was Fatima, daughter of Rabi’a b. Zayd–and they plundered. Zayd b. Haritha came forward, and Salama b. al-Akwa’ approached with the girl. Zayd mentioned to the Prophet and he mentioned her beauty to him. The Prophet said, “What girl did you take, O Salama?” He replied, “A girl, O Messenger of God, with whom I hope to ransom a woman of ours from Banu Fazara.” The Prophet repeated his question a second and a third time, “What girl did you take?” Until Salama knew that he wanted her, so he gave her to him. The Prophet gifted her to Hazan b. Abi Wahb. She bore him a daughter, and he did not have another child by her…
Qays b. al-Mubassir killed Umm Qirfa–VIOLENTLY. He tied a rope between her legs then tied it between two camels. SHE WAS AN OLD LADY. ‘Abdullah b. Mas’sada was killed as was Qays b. al-Nu’man b. Mas’ada b. Hakama b. Malik b. Badr. (Al-Waqidi, pp. 277-278; capital emphasis ours)
Notice the utter barbarity and inhumanity of Muhammad’s closest companions in tying an old woman’s legs to two camels in order to rip her apart!

Once again here ladies and gentleman he is twisting and misrepresenting things. Umm Qirfah was the chief leader of Tribe of Badr of Fazara. According to two reports in the following link, Zaid Ibn Haritha went out on a journey to Syria and with them was Merchandise for the Companions of the Prophet (p). While they were near Wadi al-Qura, they were ambushed by men of the Tribe of Banu Fazara whose leader was Umm Qirfa herself. The reports tell us that they were left for dead, which is what they thought. The things they were carrying (the merchandise) was all stolen from them. Another thing it tells us from the report is the only person to survive in this ambush was Zayd Ibn Harithah. The rest were killed.

Under Umm Qirfa’s command a number of Muslims were robbed and killed. Umm Qirfa being killed was NOT commanded by Muhammed himself, but rather Zaid Ibn Harithah, he was taking revenge for the killings She had ordered. Not only did Umm Qirfa rob and murder Muslims, he also attempted to murder Muhammed:

An expedition led by Abu Bakr As-Siddiq or Zaid bin Haritha was despatched to Wadi Al-Qura in Ramadan 6 Hijri after Fazara sept HAD MADE AN ATTEMPT AT THE PROPHET’S LIFE. Following the Morning Prayer, the detachment was given orders to raid the enemy. Some of them were killed and others captured. Amongst the captives, were Umm Qirfa and her beautiful daughter, who was sent to Makkah as a ransom for the release of some Muslim prisoners there. Umm Qira’s attempt at the Prophet’s life recoiled on her, and the thrity horsemen she had gathered and sustained to implement her evil scheme were all killed. (Ar-Raheeq Al-Makhtum: The Sealed Nectar – Biography Of The Noble Prophet [Revised Edition January 2002] By Safi-Ur-Rahman Al-Mubarakpuri, page 337)

See full details on this incident here: “Was Umm Qirfa Innocent?” https://discover-the-truth.com/2015/03/24/was-umm-qirfa-innocent/

Shamoun then finally quotes Waqidi again, this time claiming that some members in Khaybar were killed. What he does not explain is that the men that were killed were those who were guilty of high treason. These weren’t jolly old hippies minding their own business. These people murdered and constantly attacked Muslims. See full details in the following link:https://discover-the-truth.com/2016/03/25/the-battle-of-khaybar/

And here:https://discover-the-truth.com/2016/07/04/safiyyah-huyayy-kinana-and-khaybar-affair/

The woman, Zaynab is cited in a pseudo/fake story he claims that she was killed. This cannot be true, given that we have AUTHENTIC reports that Muhammed forgave her for trying to poison him:

“Narrated Anas bin Malik: A Jewess brought a poisoned (cooked) sheep for the Prophet who ate from it. She was brought to the Prophet and he was asked, “Shall we kill her?” HE SAID, “NO.” I continued to see the effect of the poison on the palate of the mouth of Allah’s Messenger. (Sahih al-Bukhari volume 3, Book 47, Hadith 786)


“Anas reported that a Jewess came to Allah’s Messenger with poisoned mutton and he took of that what had been brought to him (Allah’s Messenger). (When the effect of this poison were felt by him) he called for her and asked her about that, whereupon she said: I had determined to kill you. Thereupon he said: Allah will never give you the power to do it. He (the narrator) said that they (the Companion’s of the Holy Prophet) said: Should we not kill her? THEREUPON HE SAID: NO. He (Anas) said: I felt (the affects of this poison) on the uvula of Allah’s Messenger. (Sahih Muslim Book 26, Hadith 5430)


“Anas reported that a Jewish woman brought the Prophet, may Allah bless him and grant him peace, poisoned sheep. He ate from it and she was brought. It was asked, “Should we not kill her?” “NO,” HE REPLIED.” (Al-Adab Al-Mufrad Book 12, Hadith 243, Sahih Albani)

So we see from the above AUTHENTIC reports the woman who tried to poison/kill him, Muhammed out of his mercy forgave her and let her go.

With the above out of the way, we see once again that this missionary, Shamoun, has been thoroughly exposed for what he is. He deliberately misquoted, misrepresented and even lies throughout his article to spread propaganda.


Let us now turn tables and see in the Bible where his merciful Jesus, who is god of the Old Testament ordered the murder, genocide and mass rape of women.
Jesus who is God of the Old Testament ordered Moses to murder all the woman, men and infant babies, but let live female children:

Webster’s Bible – “Translation But all the FEMALE CHILDREN that have not known a man by lying with him, KEEP ALIVE FOR YOURSELVES.” – Numbers 31:18

These prepubescent female children were raped by Moses and his soldiers under the command of Jesus. They were used as sex slaves. The following article goes in great detail on this very verse and how it was interpreted: “A Detailed Historical Examination Of Numbers 31:18”https://discover-the-truth.com/2016/08/07/a-detailed-historical-examination-of-numbers-3118/

In fact Numbers 31:18 is used by many of the exegesis and refer to Deuteronomy 21:10-14 as evidence that they were married off/raped (child brides):

Deuteronomy 21:10-14 Good News Translation (GNT) – “When the Lord your God gives you victory in battle and you take prisoners, 11 you may see among them a beautiful woman that you like and want to marry. 12 TAKE HER to your home, where she will shave her head, cut her fingernails, 13 and change her clothes. She is to stay in your home and mourn for her parents for a month; after that, you may marry her. 14 Later, if you no longer want her, you are to let her go free. Since YOU FORCED HER TO HAVE INTERCOURSE WITH YOU, you cannot treat her as a slave and sell her.”

This is the sickening Book, Shamoun follows where it is filled with mass murder/rape. These innocent female children were handed over to Moses’s men by Jesus to be raped, as the Bible states.

This is why there are Christians who still go around attacking and murdering unsuspecting peoples, raping female captives, committing adultery with married women, and enslaving children for the sake of YHWH and Jesus in Africa.

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