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Don’t Be Duped By Missionary Claims On “Weak Hadith”

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For the past few days I have been exposing the fraud, Shamoun for what he is. Throughout the responses I showed readers how he deceptively quotes and misquotes sources, and even adds weak/fraudulent sources to his article.

See the following on the responses made to this fraud missionary:

Part 1:https://discoverthetruefacts.wordpress.com/2016/11/13/response-to-answeringislamblog-the-byzantine-christians-antagonists-or-antagonized-part-1/

Part 2:https://discoverthetruefacts.wordpress.com/2016/11/13/response-to-deceptive-article-the-byzantine-christians-antagonists-or-antagonized-part-2/

Part 3:https://discoverthetruefacts.wordpress.com/2016/11/13/a-third-refutation-the-byzantine-christians-antagonists-or-antagonized-part-3/

Part 4:https://discoverthetruefacts.wordpress.com/2016/11/14/final-refutation-to-notorious-deceptive-missionary-the-byzantine-christians-antagonists-or-antagonized-addendum-part-4/

In his latest attempt to save face, he claims:

“Muslims will often pull out the “weak hadith” card in order to avoid having to deal with any incriminating evidence that exposes Muhammad for the charlatan that he was.”

Muslims have always rejected weak Hadith, especially if it comes to dealing with the Prophet’s life or relate to Islamic rulings. The only time weak Hadith has been accepted is if it relates to good deeds or encouragement of good. For example, if a Hadith or any report even if it does NOT have a chain states, “be good to your parents”, or “help other humans”, even if these sayings are deemed weak, it is accepted since it encourages good in the society. However, if a Hadith speaks about the Prophet’s life i.e., claiming that Muhammed did this or commanded this and the report does not go pass to the grade Hasan or Sahih and is deemed “weak”, then all scholars are in agreement that such would be rejected.

Shamoun, in this piece tries to argue that “weak” Hadith are accepted and uses the following article which can be accessed here: “Validity Of Weak Hadith” http://www.livingislam.org/n/vwh_e.html

The above is correct, as I said initially, when it comes to good deeds or encouragement of good scholars have had no problem accepting weak Hadith.

What you are saying though, Shamoun here is demanding for Muslims to accept weak or rejected Hadith pertaining to the Prophet’s life that are unanimously rejected. These are TWO different matters. Furthermore, if you claim that weak Hadith are accepted as pertaining to the Prophet’s character/commands/rules or incident in his life, then why did scholars grade Hadith, in categories of “weak/da’if”, “Hasan/good”, “/authentic/Sahih” and “Mutawatir”, since you’re the expert and claim that everything is accepted so what was the point of these categories if they were all accepted?

You see readers, he was exposed in last piece for bringing a report that is rejected. Not only that, Scholars agreed that NO ONE is allowed to narrate from the man i.e., he was not trustworthy/liar. Shamoun on the other hand quoted him as to try shoot down Muhammed’s character, but I exposed him quickly here.

In short, don’t be duped by these missionary propagandists since we showed here that the weak Hadith is only accepted in relation to good deeds and NOT the Prophet’s life or said commands as the fraudulent Shamoun tried to claim.


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