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Ayaan Hirsi’s Selective Outrage: Response To “Is Islam a Religion of Peace?” Video

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I was watching a video by Ayaan Ali Hirsi on Youtube, Titled “Is Islam a Religion of Peace?”

I was shocked to watch this woman’s selective outrage, lie and misrepresent the religion of Islam so much.

Ayaan Ali Hirsi is a person that makes a lot of money spreading misinformation about Islam. She was kicked out of Holland because she was said to be “lying” to the authorities. Everything she claimed in the video is debunked by people who knew her i.e., family back home and friends (non-Muslims) in Holland:




It is interesting how she conveniently leaves out her life story when in Holland, the authorities took her Dutch passport off her for lying about the things she claimed to have been through coming from Kenya, in regards to her immigration matters and other things.

People should know that she is a propagandist, who makes money. She has no shame. The biggest terrorism is committed not by Muslims, but others:

Terrorists You Don’t Hear About In The Media

“Christian Militia Rape And Kill Muslim Children In Central African Republic” https://www.hrw.org/news/2015/04/22/central-african-republic-muslims-held-captive-raped

Imbonerakure youth group from the country of Burundi, who defend Christian president Pierre Nkurunziza, the group have been labelled as “terrorists” because of the indiscriminate killing of innocent people. Imbonerakure, is active group formed in 2010. Human Right Watch states:

“Members of the imbonerakure—the youth league of the ruling National Council for the Defense of Democracy-Forces for the Defense of Democracy (CNDD-FDD)—committed acts of violence, including killings, beatings, rape, threats, and extortion against their perceived opponents and other Burundians.”

Link: https://www.hrw.org/world-report/2014/country-chapters/burundi

“Christian Militias In CAR Have Carried Out Ethnic Cleansing Of The Muslim Population”, http://www.christiantoday.com/article/car.muslims.forced.to.convert.to.christianity/60693.htm

The Christian LRA rebels step up attacks, abduct children in C.Africa: UN. Brief statement on what the LRA do by Radio Vaticana:

“The Lord’s Resistance Army rebels, who mutilate civilians and kidnap children to use as fighters and sex slaves, stepped-up attacks and abductions in the Central African Republic during the first three months of this year, the United Nations said on Wednesday.” – 13th June 2016

Link: http://www.humanosphere.org/news-rounds/2016/06/news-in-the-humanosphere-dramatic-increase-of-lra-abductions-in-central-africa-republic/

Americans are 4 times more likely to say “killing civilians is sometimes justified” than Muslims in Middle East

Americans are 4 times more likely to say “killing civilians is sometimes justified” than Muslims in Middle East

Homosexuals are killed DAILY in Jamaica, Ghana, Russia and America (all are Christian countries), I have seen no outrage from these Islamophobic bigots who get orgasm out of bashing Islam/Muslims. Don’t forget America where she lives day and day out Christian Evangelicals try and suppress and discriminate against LGBT community.



1000s who died in anti-gay, anti-trans attacks (updates)

People should understand by now, this is not about saving gay men in the Middle East, it is more about politics. She is given money to bash Muslims/Islam in order for her masters to start more wars in the ME. These people like to dehumanize Muslims around the world…

She talks about blasphemy/apostasy laws, is she aware that atheists have been imprisoned in Russia for denouncing their former faith?


Is she aware that it is “blasphemy” and you could go to jail for mocking, make fun of politicians in the Britain (if one uses video from parliament and make fun one can go to jail)??

A Jewish man was arrested and could go to jail only few weeks ago for “questioning” Israel and America, it is blasphemy to talk about Israel, where is the outrage Ayaan Hirsi, shouldnt you be defending this man in court?


So much for her trying to liberate Muslims yet forgetting what is happening at her back yard.

As for her fictitious claims on the Quran being violent, here is a response:

Most Misinterpreted Verses Of The Quran?

As for the battles Prophet Muhammed and his companions were involved 1400 years ago, here is another detailed article:

Early Expeditions And Battles Of Islam

When Ayaan says to defend “Muslims”, she says defend the Uncle Toms that constantly bash Muslims/Islam.

People should be also aware that Prager University (website) is a hardcore Pro-Israel Uni, always in the habit of making videos about Muslims/Islam/Palestinians. Here is a quote from L. Janelle Dance and Charles Holm, on Prager:

“Ardent Zionists like Prager and Valdary demonize Palestinians/Arabs to justify the European colonization of Palestine, just like European elites demonized Americans Indians to justify the theft of Indigenous lands in the United States and dehumanized Africans in order to justify their enslavement.”

LINK: “Propaganda on Palestine: All-Knowing White Man & Angry Black Woman conjure good Jews and evil Arabs” (Mondoweiss.net)

In short, she is not a credible person. Her selective outrage in connection with everything mentioned, people should question her motives. Is she really her to “liberate” Muslims as she claims?

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  1. Shaad Rangila says:

    A step by step shortcut of How to be rich and famous:

    1. Be an ex-muslim(very important)
    2. Start attacking Islam by using popular platforms
    3. Use your “Ex-Muslim” status to gain more popularity and credibility(very effective to sell your books)
    4. Plagiarize arguments (for example Abdullah Sameer)
    5.Enjoy the money!

    Thank me later if you get rich 😉

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