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Deceptive David Wood: Troll Fail On Ramadan

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One thing that needs to be clear for our readers is that David, is not an academic. Nor does his claims stand up. To suggest that Ramadan is about gluttony goes against academic research on the effects of Ramadan fasting. Public Health Nutrition brought together all published data on the effects of Ramadan fasting, the results showed Ramadan fasting resulted in weight LOSS:

“Changes in body weight during and after Ramadan were extracted from thirty-five English-language studies and were meta-analysed… RESULTS: Fasting during Ramadan resulted in significant weight loss (-1.24 KG; 95% CL – 1.60, – 0.88 KG).”

Furthermore, what David fails to realise is that this small percentage of those who gain weight during Ramadan, happens so as a result of the lack of exercise during the month of Ramadan. So the weight gain was not the result of fasting in Ramadan, rather the lack of exercise or eating unhealthy fatty food. In fact, majority of studies concluded that eating a healthy meal, being consistent in your fasting resulted in weight loss:

“In 202 participants who provided weight at the beginning and the end of Ramadan, there was a significant weight decrease (−0.84 kg, 95% CI = −0.6 to −1, P < 0.0001). … Thirty-one participants reported breaking the fast on at least one occasion. The weight loss in this group was 0.3 kg. Among 162 who reported not breaking fast, the average weight loss was 1.0 kg. The difference was significant (t = 2.50; P = 0.013).”

Another thing readers need to be aware of is, that one should not take information from a guy like David, given that he is a psychopath who tried murdering his own father with a hammer, he admits during an interview (video attached) that he tried to murder his father with a ‘hammer’.

Watch video here…


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