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Response To Brigitte Gabriel’s Lecture – “Religion of Peace: A Brief History of Islam”

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Having watched one of Brigitte Gabriel talk on Youtube, titled “Religion of Peace: A Brief History of Islam”, I had to make a quick response to the amount of distortions she gave throughout the 15 minute video.

This article, is just a simple response to the quotes (Quran and Hadith) she deliberately misquoted. Note, in order to know full answers, readers have to go the links I have provided.


Minute 1:40 onwards she claims that Muhammed moved from Makkah to Madinah because his people didnt accept him. The Prophet and his people were tortured, murdered and eventually they were forcefully exiled out of Makkah. Even when the Muslims settled to get on with their lives they were still hunted down to be killed just for abandoning their former polytheistic faith:
Did Quraysh Persecute Muslims When They Fled To Madinah?


In minute 2: 40 she claims that when Muhammed showed the Jews Islamic faith and they rejected it, this is when they were killed. This again, is not true. Banu Qaynuqa, Banu Nadir, and Banu Qurayza one by one sided with enemies against the Muslims. Even on a number of occasions tried to assassinate the Prophet.

More information in the links:

Banu Qaynuqa
Invasion of Banu Qaynuqa?

Banu Nadir:
Analysing The Banu Nadir Incident

Banu Qurayza
Re-Examining Banu Qurayzah Incident


She claims the Muslims went from being spiritual in Makkah to war when they had the upper hand. This again is not true when we consult historical reports. The Muslims started fighting when they were continuously persecuted in Madinah by Quraysh, this led to other tribes in Madinah also siding with Quraysh. Please refer to point 1, link for more information.


Minute 3:40 she claims that those non-Muslims who were allowed to be alive were treated as second class citizens. The tax that was levied on non-Muslims was also compulsory on the Muslims. The Prophet nor his companions treated non-Muslims wrongly. They were equal citizens as the Muslims.

Answering Jihad: “Fight Against Those Who Do Not Believe” – Quran 9:29


Minute 4:20 I do not know where she gets that claim from that that non-Muslims were the ‘dirt’ (Najas). I have never come across any report. It seems she makes things up as she goes along. The only I am aware of is in chapter 9, there is a verse which says polytheists are ‘filthy’ (speaking from memory), but the commentators all agree that is referred to their polytheistic beliefs, not themselves.


Minute 4, onwards. She says that a 9th Century leader made Jews wear an identifiable clothes, what does have to do with what Prophet Muhammed taught? There is no Hadith or Quranic verse which orders this. In-fact God says to treat all non-Muslims well, being just to them as long as they don’t fight the Muslims physically:

“Allah does not forbid you, with regard to those who do not fight you on account of your religion nor drive you out of your homes, to treat them with goodness and to be just to them; truly, Allah loves those who are just. Indeed, Allah forbids you (only) with regard to those who fight you on account of religion and drive you out of your homes, and assist (others) in driving you out, that you turn to them (in friendship); and whoever turns to them (in friendship), they are wrongdoers. (Quran – Al-Mumtahanah: 60:8-9)

More here:
The Relationship Of The Muslim With Non-Muslims


Minute 5. Force non-Muslims to the side of the road? When certain Muslims abuse Islamic scripture, this has nothing to do how the Hadith was interpreted by the companions. This Hadith she mentioned has been answered in detail.

MORE Here:

Force non-Muslims to the side of the road?

And here: https://discover-the-truth.com/2017/05/05/hadith-do-not-greet-jews-force-them-to-narrow-road-explained/


Minute 5:40, she claims the crusades happened as result of Muslims treating non-Muslims so bad. If that was the case, then why did the Christian crusaders slaughter thousand upon thousand innocent Jews? What did Muslim women and children do to get slaughtered by Christian crusaders?


Minute 8:15, she claims that Islam did not give women the right to education. The Prophet emphasized all Muslims (Men and women) to seek education. So this was not something newly invented by Ataturk. More in the link:

Does Islam Prohibit Educating Women?


Minute 8:17 She says Ataturk “ gave women the right to choose a husband”. She is inferring he is that Islam as a religion forces women to accept marriage. That women in Islam have no right to choose their husband. Islamic scripture has categorically forbidden forced marriages. There are many Prophetic sayings where he says without the woman’s consent the marriage is NOT binding:

Islam on Forced Marriage


Minute 8:20, Muslim women under Ataturk was forcefully not allowed choose to wear Hijab. Bridgitt brings it up as if it was a good thing. Seems as though she likes dictators who impose on what women can wear or not.


Minute 8:56, she claimed that when the Caliphate ended 270 Million people were killed by Muslims. This claim has been recycled so many times by right-winger they take it as if it is Revelation from God. Anyways, this claim has no historical truth to it. This claim has been debunked many times:



13. Minute 11:10. There is nothing Islamic about those savages in the Middle-East. They are far away from the teachings of Islam. In-fact, one of the biggest newspapers in America, the WashingtonPost.com, states that majority of the ISIS (Daesh) leaders are secularist Baathists. The article:


In Another newspaper article published by TheIndependent.co.uk, The US military’s Combating Terrorism Center (CTC) said that many of their members do NOT even know the basics of Islamic Law.

TheIndependent.co.uk reports:

“The one area of education that was noticeably lacking, however, was that in Islamic law, or Sharia. Of those who answered a question on the level of their religious knowledge, 70 per cent described it as “basic”,… The finding supports analysts’ assertions that Isis has twisted the Quran to serve its purposes, introducing brutal and “un-Islamic” punishments in its territories.”


“Secret al-Qaeda memo: We must recruit and manipulate ‘ignorant’ Muslims” (27th February 2018)


14. Minute 11:40, she claims that Muslims are allowed to lie to advance their faith. There is Not a single verse or Hadith which advocates for such. She is clearly deceiving and lying to the audience. This claim has been responded to in the following article:
Response To ‘Taqiyya’ Deception – Lying


Minute 12:30, the Quraysh’s caravan was attacked as a result of the Quraysh not stopping their persecuting and oppressing Muslims. This is related to us in a number of historical reports:
Did Quraysh Persecute Muslims When They Fled To Madinah?


Minute 12:40 she claims that Makkah was conquered by Muhammed for no reason. Again, historical reports tell us when the Quraysh signed the treat of truce with the Muslims they agreed that they would NOT attack any of Muhammed’s allies. However, Quraysh with Banu Bakr attacked and killed many men of Banu Khuza’a (an ally of Muhammed) which led to Quraysh breaking the treaty they had signed. This is when Muhammed conquered Makkah, it was as a result of the Quraysh and Banu Bakr killing and attacking Khuza’a.
An Historical Examination Of The Sword Verse – Surah 9:5

From 13 minute onwards I don’t know what she was talking about.

One thing that can be drawn from watching her talk is that when someone tells you something go verify it with credible sources. Bridgitte Gabriel doesn’t really care what Islamic sources say, her aim is to make money. So if that means she has to say things that historically not true she would say it, to fatten her piggy bank.


  1. Amash GT says:

    Thanks alot for a detailed response. Alot of what she said was nothing from the Quran or Hadeeth.

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