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Mark Regev Suggests Propaganda Tactics To Silence His Critics

Regev uses propaganda tactics to silence his critics by saying “why do you support, homophobic, misogynistic people?”

Mark Regev suggests a message that should be delivered to other politicians:

“Why are people who consider themselves progressive in Britain, Supporting reactionaries…”

“We have gotta say in the language, I think of social democracy, these people are misogynistic, they are homophobic, they are racist, they are anti-semitic, they are reactionary.”

“I think that is what we need to say, It is an important message.”

Watch the video here, 3rd minute:

“Al Jazeera Investigations – The Lobby P3: An Anti-Semitic Trope”

“In part three of The Lobby, our undercover reporter travels to the Labour Party Conference, revealing how accusations of anti-Semitism by group within Labour targeted Israel critics and saw some investigated.”

“Turkish Family Find ‘KKK’ Etched Onto Car In North London”


The Enfield Independent reports on an alleged racist incident in north London where a Turkish family were confronted by a “mob” chanting “Ku Klux Klan” outside their home on Sunday night before waking up on Monday morning, 23 January, to find the letters ‘KKK’ etched onto the windscreen of their car.

The news site reports on a tweet posted by Haringey councillor, Peray Ahmet, who tweeted a picture of the graffiti on the family’s car with the message: “This is what a friend of mine woke up to. Last night a mob with covered faces were chanting KKK outside house. This happened in Enfield.”

The Metropolitan Police confirmed the matter had been reported stating: “On Monday 23/01/2017 police received a report of alleged racially motivated graffiti written in frost on the side a car. 

“Enquiries into the incident were carried out. 

“Any further evidence that comes to light or any further incidents will be investigated.”


“Launch Of Anti-Racism Network In Kent Following Far Right Protests Against Mosques”

The news website, Kent Online reports on the creation of a new anti-racism network in Maidstone following far-right protests in the town against a mosque redevelopment project.

Around 10 members of Britain First turned up at the Maidstone Community and Islamic Centre on Saturday, 21 January, carrying placards calling for a ban on the building of more mosques.

Maidstone Borough Council approved proposals to redevelop the existing site, which has served the town’s Muslim community for over 20 years, in December 2016. The plans submitted to the council will see the existing mosque demolished and a “modern, three-storey structure featuring classrooms, a library, offices, kitchen, three shops and a flat” take its place.

Earlier this month, a protest about the redevelopment by the far right group South East Alliance was branded “pathetic” after protestors were outnumbered three to one by anti-racism protestors including members of the Kent Anti-Racism Network.

Maidstone Green Party’s campaigns officer, Steve Cheeseman, started the Maidstone Anti-Racist Network in response to the recent far right protests saying it was necessary in the face of increasing threats and intimidation towards Muslims in to organise peaceful counter-protests to reject the divisiveness of the far right’s campaigns in the area.

Speaking about South East Alliance and Britain First, Mr Cheeseman said: “Their attempts to intimidate local Muslims are not welcome and we want to show them just how welcome our Muslims friends are in Maidstone.”

“I managed to get to the mosque today and disrupt their protest a little but this new group, which is open to all Maidstone people, will help us organise more quickly and get a greater response if there is a next time.”

The paper reports that the new group has attracted almost a hundred members in the first few hours of its opening.

Far right activism in Kent has seen groups like Britain First launch campaigns such as the “anti-halal operation” in Dartford, where leaflets were distributed urging people not to eat at various establishments because they serve halal meat. The group was also implicated in a ‘mosque invasion’ in Gillingham in 2014 when members of the far right movement were filmed harassing a worshipper at the Kent Muslim Welfare Association, urging him to withdraw the mosque’s application for new premises “Otherwise we, Britain First, will run a big campaign against you guys personally and also the council and the Imam, yeah?”


“‘Muslims Out’ Daubed On Sunderland Mosque Wall”

The Independent and The Chronicle report on a suspected hate crime in Sunderland where the Jami-Masjid on Chester Road was vandalised and the words “Muslims Out” daubed on its outer walls.

The incident is believed to have happened sometime between Friday 27 and Saturday 28 January. Northumbria police have confirmed an incident report and officers have increased patrols in the area to “reassure locals”.

The mosque’s imam, Syed Shuheb, said the mosque had been the target of hate crimes more frequently in recent years.

He said: “In the first seven years we had just one incident against us – but in the last four years we’ve had at least one every year. It’s getting worse.”

Saying that he hoped to address the prejudice and its impact on local residents, the imam said he wasn’t looking for the perpetrator to be punished, but educated.

“We just want them to be made to understand it effects [sic] and upsets people,” Imam Shuheb said.

“I think it’s important that those in power send a strong message that this behaviour should not be tolerated in a civilised and sensible society,” he added.

CCTV footage of the perpetrator has been captured, according to the reports.

Anyone who has any information about the incident is urged to contact the police on 101, quoting reference 263 280117 or call Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111


SCOTLAND: Man Threatened Syrian Neighbours With A Gun In Court

The Scottish Sun reports on the trial of a man who threatened his Syrian neighbours in Glasgow by pointing a gun at them.

William Harvey, 28, pointed the weapon at Said Shekhe and his friends during the incident outside a flat Dalmarnock area of the city last November.

Glasgow High Court heard that Mr Shekhe was with five fellow Syrians outside his home when an “aggressive” Harvey confronted them.

Prosecutor Bernard Ablett told the court the men “could not understand what [Harvey] was saying.”

Harvey continued in his aggression by kicking one parked car before “leaping onto another and booting it.” He then pulled out a handgun and pointed it at the men from just six feet away. 

Ablett said the victims “described being in fear for their lives”.

Harvey returned to his flat in the street, and police were contacted. Harvey was arrested early the next morning when officers found the handgun hidden under the stairs. According to the paper, officers found the weapon “loaded with one live cartridge”, though Mr Ablett said there was “no evidence” to suggest the gun had been loaded at the time of the incident.

The paper reports that Harvey has previous convictions for crimes involving religion, sexual and racial aggravations. The court heard he also suffered “from personal issues including post-traumatic stress disorder.”

Harvey pleaded guilty to four charges in court, including possessing a firearm with intent to cause others to believe violence would be used. Judge Lady Rae deferred sentencing for preparation of reports.


DERBY: “Anti-Trump Protestor Reveals Racist Abuse Suffered In Recent Weeks”

Amidst coverage in the Derby Telegraph of a protest in Derby against President Donald Trump’s ‘Muslim ban,’ organised by Stand Up to Racism, is an account of an alleged incident of racist abuse recently experienced by one protestor. 

The protest was staged on the steps of Council House in Derby City Centre on Monday and brought together local faith leaders and residents.

Among those who spoke to the local paper was a retired hairdresser, Ziya Mehmet, who gave an account of an incident of alleged racist abuse he suffered two weeks previously following a spat about parking.

Mr Mehmet told the local paper: “Someone starting hurling abuse at me and said ‘you don’t even come from this country’. He was in his 40s and he had a young child. I’m very social and talk to everyone but when someone speaks to you like that you have a bit of a shock. I came here when I was 19 and my dad was in the British Army.”

It is not clear if Mr Mehmet reported the incident to the police.


Takeaway Staff In Bolton Speak Out About “Vandalism, Intimidation And Racial Abuse”

The Bolton News reports on a takeaway in the town where staff allege to have been subjected to “vandalism, intimidation and racial abuse” over the past few weeks.

Mohammad Khan, who works at the Kearsley Pizza and Kebab House in Springfield Road, Kearsley, told the local paper that large groups of young people had started to gather outside the shop between 6pm and 9pm causing trouble and “intimidating” customers from going inside the shop to order food.

Mr Khan, 52, said there had been “several instances of racial abuse” and one occasion, “the doors and one of the windows” were smashed. 

Mr Khan said the situation was untenable and employees were getting to the point where they “don’t want to carry on’. He said the range of damage suffered, to property and vehicle, was expensive and the intimidating environment created for staff and customers was “a nightmare”.

“It’s very, very serious, especially with the racism. It’s happening nearly every night. There are three people working here. It could be putting our jobs on the line,” he said.

The local paper reports that police met with Mr Khan at the weekend and have resolved to place officers on patrol in the area more regularly.


“Cornish Man Sentenced 60 days In Prison For Breaching CBO After Tirade Against ‘Muslims’”

News website, Cornwall Live, reports on a “foul-mouthed drunk” who has been returned to prison after launching “mindless tirades” at workers on an industrial estate in Truro.

David Bellman, 45, a homeless man who is subject to a criminal behaviour order (CBO) which prevents him from swearing and being drunk in public, subjected workers at the Newham Industrial Estate to offensive and racial slurs in a rant about “the Queen” and “Muslims” while also swearing to himself as people attempted to make their way to work in the early morning on Wednesday 25 January. 

Bellman was arrested and charged with a racially aggravated offence and breaching his CBO after Truro Police received a call from a member of the public. He was sent to prison for 60 days at Bodmin Magistrates’ Court last Thursday, 26 January. 

Sergeant Marc Sayers of Truro Police said Bellman’s behaviour was “very intimidating”, with workers having to find alternative routes into work to avoid being subjected to his bad behaviour.

It is the sixth time Bellman has breached the CBO since being handed the order in July 2016.

Bellman, who has been dubbed “Britain’s Sweariest Man,” was handed the CBO after subjecting railway staff and passengers to a “tirade of abuse” at Par railway station on July 7 last year. Bellman, who uttered “racist and homophobic abuse” was handed the three-year CBO which prohibits him from being “found in a state of drunkenness in any public space or place the public has access to or be found in possession of an open container of alcohol in the city centre. He must not use swear words, make threats, use physical gestures, use visual representation, cause nuisance or obstruction that would cause any person offence, intimidation or distress directly or indirectly within the UK.”

The most recent breach of the criminal behaviour order occurred earlier this month, on January 8, when Bellman was found outside Natwest Bank on St Nicholas Street in Truro. He was subsequently jailed for 20 days. His jail sentence last week comes just a week after his release from serving the 20 day prison sentence.

Inspector Milburn of Truro police said: “It seems that Mr Bellman is unable to keep a civil tongue and has therefore been jailed for 60 days for his foul behaviour. I’m pleased that this swift action means that they community will not continue to be subjected to his mindless tirades.”


NORWICH: Suspended Prison Sentence For Woman Who Assaulted Muslim Taxi Driver

Norwich Evening News reported in December on the court appearance of a woman who pleaded guilty to assaulting a Muslim taxi driver after he refused her demand that he give her and her dog “a lift”.

Laura Farrier, 52, appeared before Norwich Magistrates’ Court last month in connection with an incident on 14 June 2016.

The court heard Farrier had approached the driver with her dog and “asked him for a lift” but he refused saying he was not permitted to carry animals in his vehicle.

The court heard that Farrier “lost her temper” and in a “rather obscene manner” made references to the driver’s “cultural background and heritage”.

Prosecutor Oliver Haswell said Ms Farrier told the driver that “she was English” and insisted the taxi driver “would have to take her wherever she wanted to”.

Mr Haswell told the court the driver had filmed part of the squabble, of which some audio was played to the court. The incident culminated in Ms Farrier “punching the driver in the face through the window of the car”.

Farrier admitted racially aggravated common assault and was told by the District Judge Mike Snow that a custodial sentence was inevitable.

Judge Snow said: “I’m afraid those that racially abuse public servants in this country have to expect a custodial sentence. The courts cannot tolerate this type of behaviour.”

Norwich Magistrates’ Court confirmed Ms Farrier was handed a 12 week prison sentence, suspended for 18 months. She was also required to pay £800 compensation to the driver.


Man Abused Pakistani Family On Holiday Given Suspended Sentence

News website, Kent Live reported in October on a man who was sentenced for racially abusing a family and assaulting a police officer at a beach in Swalecliffe near Whitstable.

John Hermitage, 36, had been drinking when he was seen by two police community support officers (PCSOs) racially abusing a family on the beach on 23 August 2016. As Hermitage was being arrested, he spat at one of the officers.

Hermitage admitted causing racially aggravated intentional harassment, alarm or distress and assaulting a police officer when he appeared before Thanet Magistrates Court in October 2016.

The court sentenced Hermitage to 90 days in prison, suspended for a year for the racially aggravated offence. He was given a concurrent 60 day sentence for the assault on the police officer, also suspended for a year.

Hermitage was also ordered to pay a victim surcharge of £115, £85 costs and £100 in compensation.

PC Jamie Weale said: “Understandably the family, who were on holiday in the area, were very shocked and upset by his behaviour.” 

Kent Police recently confirmed via a Freedom of Information request that the offender had been abusive towards a Pakistani family.